Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A day on the Bay

Yesterday the sun was out and we headed out to Mystery Bay to check on the Bernadine and see how she was doing on the mooring. A little breezy, but we had N8 along to serve as oarsman to get us out to the boat and back. We replaced the mooring line, pumped the bilges, measured the windows for curtains and cleaned up "carnage"................ That's right, the otters had been massacring fish on the aft swim deck and forgot to clean up after themselves (enough said there!)......... the cabin top was covered in "guano", along with the assortment of clam shells and crab claws. To the occasional visitor to the ocean, those otters and sea birds are so cute (enough said there!).
With more days of sunshine, we are getting closer to fitting out the exterior of the boat! At the end of the month we'll have our moorage permit and we'll start the process of finishing up our rebuild projects.


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