Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pieces Of The Puzzle

Two more pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place! I now have a pedestal mount for the salon table / berth....... and a new antenna mount for the VHF radio.

The table mount is made by Garelick and is constructed out of very heavy aluminum. The ends are welded and it has machined grooves that the upper and lower tubes run in. This set up is designed to allow the table to drop down to berth height and support the weight of a person. Tough! After tons of thinking this through, I decided to go "modern" on this part of the remodel. This one, big, moving part, will take a beating and it's got to hold up. This unit will do it.

When I pulled the old VHF antenna and mount off the boat, while it was in the yard last summer, it literally came apart in my hands! Sun rot and plastic.......... never again! This mount is extra heavy duty cast and machined stainless steel and is designed to hold the extra heavy duty sized VHF antennas. I think it'll do!

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