Sunday, August 12, 2012

Soviet Russian Belt & Buckle with Mosin Nagant Ammo Pouches, Afganistan War Era

I am continuing to gather and set up equipment for my Mosin Nagant M 91/30 rifle.  I picked up an unissued Soviet Russian belt and buckle the other day to use with my ammo pouches and misc. shooting & soldiering equipment that will go with my rifle.

The belt is in perfect, unissued condition and most likely dates to the Soviet-Afghanistan War era of the 1980's.  The belt is stamped, but the writing and date is unreadable.  The buckle and belt tabs are stamped steel and are painted a brownish green, typical of the Soviet equipment of that era.  The belt is constructed of a very heavy webbing that is bonded with a brown rubber outer layer.  It is adjustable out to about 38".

I have the belt set up with two of my Mosin Nagant ammo pouches, which should allow me to carry 40 rounds of ammo!  The ammo pouches I am using do not have the attached "D" rings to allow the attachment of suspenders, so I added 3 of my 1950's vintage Czechoslovakian "D" ring belt loops to the belt.  I put one loop behind each ammo pouch and one on the back of the belt.  With all of that ammo, I'll need the support of the suspenders to hold the belt up! 

The set up continues........ here is the album for this new belt and ammo pouch set up:

Here are some shots of the belt and buckle on their own:

Here is the fully assembled Belt, buckle, ammo pouches, and "D" ring set-up:


Rob said...

Almost a million page views and no comments.... Hey, nice setup.

Sharky said...

Thanks! The blog's doing quite well. It has been great to see the response to my write-ups and research these past years and to hear from so many people, from all over the world. 2017 should be a good "Blog Year". I have a ton of stuff waiting in the wings, ready to be researched and posted. Stay tuned!
Oh yes, LOVE the "Cold War Nagant" gear as well. That mix of Czech and Russian gear works quite well. :-)