Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PASGT Helmet Covers, SDS 3-Point Strap System, Helmet Retention Strap, Cat Eye Helmet Band

In my ongoing quest to upgrade and restore my PASGT Kevlar Helmet, ( http://sharky-fourbees.blogspot.com/2012/07/1985-kevlar-pasgt-helmet-manufactured.html ), I located and purchased a trio of helmet covers, a new 3-point strap system, and a Cat-Eye helmet band.

I wanted to have a helmet cover in each of the main camo patterns that I use for my tactical set ups.  I located a Digital ACU cover, a 3 Color Desert Pattern cover, and a US issue Woodland Camo cover on eBay.  I purchased the ACU and 3 Color Desert Pattern covers from the manufacturer in Taiwan.  The total cost was under $10.00, including shipping!  They are both new-made and tailored to fit the PASGT style helmets.  The US Issue Woodland Helmet Cover was also an eBay purchase........ new and unissued for about $5.00 total.  Another great deal!

The ACU and 3 Color Desert Pattern covers are sewn from ripstop camo material, with an elastic edging and elastic strap and hook hold downs.  The covers fit perfectly and look great!

The US Issue Woodland Cover is sewn from standard, heavy cotton camo cloth, with nylon ribbon and Velcro hold down straps.  The cover is covered with "button holes" for attaching field camo. 

When it came to locating a replacement chinstrap for my old PASGT helmet, the search was not quite as easy, but the deal was amazing!  I did quite a bit of research and internet hunting to find a new helmet strap system that did not require modifying the helmet.  I finally decided that what I needed was an SDS 3-Point chin strap system.  The problem is that these older upgrade strap systems are no longer produced by SDS and are quite difficult to find, even on eBay!  I finally located a company that had numerous old-stock PASGT helmet parts for sale at a fraction of their original price......... warfighterdepot.com .  I picked up an SDS 3 Point helmet strap, a Cat Eye helmet band and a Paratroop Helmet Retention Strap (this is the neck strap that I can use with the standard PASGT chin strap), for DIRT CHEAP and all brand new!  I will be placing another order, just to be sure I have a few spares in reserve!

These original SDS helmet straps were manufactured by Specialty Defense Systems, to replace the old, standard PASGT chin strap with additional Helmet Retention Strap.  SDS has now become a part of BAE Systems.........  you can check out their web site here:  http://www.baesystems.com/home
The strap system is installed using the standard screw that are already installed on the helmet.  I had to open up the holes on the side strap attach grommets bit to get the mounting screws through, but aside from that, it was a straight forward installation.  What an amazing improvement over the standard issue chin straps!  All of the straps are easily adjustable and the chin strap buckles with a plastic speed clip.  100% more comfortable that the originals!  I highly recommend this upgrade for your old PASGT helmet.

Now for some more photos......

SDS 3-Point Helmet Straps:

I cut off the extra tabs on the side of the mounting hole when I made the installation on my helmet.

Helmet Retention Strap (for neck):

Cat Eye Helmet Band:

Strap and Helmet Photos:

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