Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mosin Nagant M91/30 Cleaning Rod, Use & Assembly

The Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifles come with a small kit that contains everything you need to clean the rifle bore.  No instructions are included................ so, with that in mind, today we will be covering how to assemble and use the Mosin Nagant cleaning rod assembly!

To assemble the cleaning rod, you will need the following parts:

Rifle Cleaning Rod (the rod is stored under the barrel of the rifle and is threaded in place).

Cleaning Jag

Jag & Pin Combo Tool

Muzzle Guide

Rod Cap and "T" Bar

To set up the cleaning rod for cleaning the rifle, first remove the cleaning rod from the rifle (remember that it is threaded in place, so you will need to unscrew it!).

Next, slide the muzzle guide onto the cleaning rod. then screw on the cleaning jag using your fingers and then the large notch on the combo wrench.  

Slide the top cap over the knurled end of the cleaning rod and align the holes.  Insert the "T" bar through the holes to attach them together.

You're ready to go!  

The muzzle guide fits over the end of the barrel to guide the cleaning rod and protect the rifling inside.  Over time the rifling gets worn and damaged at the muzzle from cleaning and shooting, and that is why the barrels are often counter bored when they are refurbished at the armory. You can tell if your rifle has been counter bored if you look down the muzzle and notice that the rifling stops an inch or so from the end.

There are many different slight variations on wrenches, and rod parts, so don't be surprised if your parts are not identical to the ones I have used in this tutorial!

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