Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bundesgrenzschutz Camo Pants, Mil-Tec BDU's

The "one thing" that I have been missing in my Bundesgrenzschutz camo uniforms, is a pair of camo pants.  The originals are extremely rare and when they do show up on sites like eBay, they can go for very high amounts.  I would love to have a pair of originals, but until then, I have been on the lookout for a pair of BGS camo BDU pants from the modern company, Sturm Mil-Tec.  These are a new made version that look like the originals on first glance, but upon closer examination, you can see that they are actual made to a modern BDU pattern.

I picked these pants up off of eBay for a super low price, and they were in new condition!  They even look and feel crisp and unwashed.  Until I find an original pair of BGS camo pants in my size,  and at an affordable price, these will definitely do.  This pair is a size "Small", but they fit me perfectly with a 31 inch waist and long inseam........ a rare combination!  The camo pattern is crisp and the colors match my original BGS camo's perfectly.  Since my camo jackets cover the top part of the pants, it will not be noticeable that they are new made BDU's, and since they are not originals, I have the option of wearing them out-and-about town!  If you can find a pair of these Mil-Tec pants, in any pattern, I would highly recommend picking them up.  I know I will be on the look out for additional pairs!

Here is a shot of the pants on some "Summer Grass"......... they blend in nicely!

With all of that said, here is an album of more detailed photos:

And to finish things up, let's take a look at some historic photos of BGS troopers wearing their camo pants:

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