Saturday, August 4, 2012

1943 Mosin Nagant M91/30, 7.62 x 54r Caliber , Photo Album

Here is the next installment of in the Mosin Nagant Rifle series. 

Here is a quick recap with some new info on this rifle..........  This Mosin Nagant rifle was made in 1943 at the Izhevsk Armory in Russia.  It is a refurbished Model 91/30 with matching serial numbers.  The caliber is 7.62 x 54r (the "r" indicates that it is a rimmed cartridge).  The barrel has been counter-bored and it appears that the stock may be from an earlier model of the M91/30.  Between the years of 1927 and 1945, approximately 13,000,00 to 14,000,000 of the M91/30 rifles were manufactured at the Izhevsk and Tula Armories in Russia!  The M91/30 rifle was the standard battle rifle of the Russian army during WW2.  It was designed to be rugged, simple and effective........... and simple enough for an untrained peasant conscript to operate.  These rifles scored perfect marks in all of these departments!

For some detailed information on the various models, markings and history of these rifles, here are a few web links that you can visit.  I am still learning about these rifles and these sites have been an amazing help!

I am going to break the photos of my rifle up into several "chapters" so that it is easier to sort them out as you view them.  Here they are:

Overall Rifle Pictures

Rifle Details

Proofs,  Markings, Stampings, Serial Numbers

The only stamps and numbers that I have positively identified are as follows:  The small triangle with an arrow inside is the emblem for the Izhevsk Armory.  The letter emblem that follows the 1943 stamp on the receiver (Looks like the letter R or an upside down L) is the Russian symbol indicating year.  Above the year stamp is a small hammer and sickle surrounded by laurels, indicating the Soviet Union.  The large, round inked stamping on the butt stock, is a circle stamp for the CCCP, or Soviet Union (mostly blurred on my stock).  The other stamps are pure speculation, except for the serial numbers.  The small numbers in circles may indicate years the rifle was worked on at an armory.

Stock Repairs (stock repairs made at the Armory)

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