Monday, April 30, 2012

US Army 3 Color Desert Camouflage Uniforms, 1990 - Present

On Sunday I stopped by the local Goodwill store for the weekly "tag sale" to see if a batch of US 3-Color camo uniforms were still there (I had been watching them for several weeks, waiting to see if they survived until the sale).  The uniforms were there and were "tagged" for the sale!  I picked up 4 uniform jackets and 1 pair of pants............ all in my size, "Medium-Regular" !!!!!  The best part of all was the price:  $1.29 each!  I love it when I can score uniforms like this at garage sale prices!

I plan on keeping the pants and two of the jackets for field use and I will recycle two of the jackets into a new camo cover for my ballistic vest.  (Two of the jackets had small holes from the removal of the patches by the previous owner).  Now I have to make up a pattern and start figuring out how to do the conversion............

Here are a couple of quick shots of the uniforms.  I'll make a more detailed and informative posting later this week.

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