Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nationale Volksarmee - NVA, Structure and Tactics, Documentary Movie

Yesterday we looked at a film from the perspective of the West side of "The Wall", so today we'll take a look at things from the other side.  Today's posting is a documentary film in 4 parts, that reviews and showcases the military structure and tactics of the East German Nationale Volksarmee, or NVA.

This film is in German, but for those of you who do not speak the language, it is filled with great film footage of East German military gear, equipment, weapons, soldiers, uniforms, maneuvers,........... well, you get the idea!  Great stuff!

If you are unfamiliar with the Nationale Volksarmee, you can jump over to this Wikipedia page that give a good history of this Army:

And now without further delay, here is our feature film............. as usual, you can expand the film window to fill your screen.  Each segment is about 10 minutes long:

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M55q said...

Great stuff. I am lucky enough to have been taught German in school for 6 years. Youtube is a gold mine of German documentaries on the DDR, a pity the Germans are so bad at exporting their documentaries to other countries.