Saturday, April 28, 2012

US Army Digital Camo Patrol Hat, Universal Camoflage Pattern, Federal Army & Navy Surplus Store, Seattle, WA

Yesterday we made a quick day trip over to Seattle and while we were there, we made a stop at Seattle's famous army surplus store:  Federal Army & Navy Surplus.  This cool store opened in 1917 and is filled with all kinds of great army surplus treasures.  It actually is a "true" surplus store and not like most that you see today that are mostly sporting goods.  The Seattle store is all surplus!  It's a very cool place and I highly recommend a stop to check it out if you are ever over in the city!

Anyway........ this brings us to our featured item of today's post:  a US Army Patrol Hat in US Army Universal Camouflage Pattern.  I picked the hat up at Federal Army & Navy Surplus for $5.00.  It was used, but in great shape and I needed one to complete my US Army digital camo ACU (Army Combat Uniform). 

The hat is dated 2001, which makes it one of the first issued hats of the "new" digital camo pattern.  Under the label, inside the hat, is a concealed map pocket...... pretty cool!  The hat came with a rank patch for Specialist (E-4) on the front.  I removed the rank patch to clean up the appearance of the hat.  Along the back of the hat is a Velcro strip for attaching a name tape.  A very cool hat, and good looking too.  Now I'll have to pull out the rest of my Army ACU's and get them posted on the blog...........

Here's the album of hat photos:

Here are a few photos of Federal Army & Navy Surplus in Seattle:

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