Saturday, April 7, 2012

US Navy Hard Hat, Officer's Model, dated 1978, "Hard Boiled" Brand

I stopped by our local used building supply store the other day and spotted a very unique hard hat sitting on a back shelf............ it is now in my collection. 

The hard hat is marked for use by the US Navy with the hat emblems showing that it was used by an officer from the rank of Captain through Commander.  There is a sticker on the back of the helmet listing the phone number extensions for the various offices on board the ship and emergency numbers.  The date stamp under the hat visor is Dec. 18, 1978.  This hard hat was manufactured by "Hard Boiled" and is in near perfect condition.

These hard hats (in various colors), are used by ship's officers and crew while the ship is in the yard and while heavy work is being performed on board the ship.  They are also worn on various shipboard inspections, etc.

Here are is an album of photos of this interesting bit of US Navy uniform equipment:

Here are a few modern photos of hard hats being worn by US Navy personnel:

Here are a few shots of the hard hats being worn by United States Coast Guard crews:

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