Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bayerische Landpolizei, Ärmelabzeichen, Pre-1976 Bavarian State Police Arm Patch

The other day I picked up a set of 4 patches off of eBay for only a couple of dollars (they even had free shipping from Australia!).  I think the whole transaction was a money loser for the seller, but a score for me!  I am pretty sure the patches are all out of an old collection.  Some have hand written labels on the back and all date prior to 1976.  These are the old ones, tough to find. Besides, the set included a set of BGS patches!  How could I pass that up?

I'll be showing off each of the patches in detail, over the next few posts.  Today we'll start with my favorite, an old arm patch from the Bavarian State Police, or in German, the Bayerische Landpolizei.

This patch dates to the era prior to 1976, and from the looks of the patch, I would put it in the 1960's era, although I have no way to be certain.  It's just a hunch.  The patch is embroidered on green, wool felt, with a cloth backing.  In 1976, the German police departments reorganized and adopted new patches.  This is one of the old "pre-war" styled patches that were common with many of the departments before the reorganization.

Here is an album of close-up photos of this old style patch:

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