Sunday, May 6, 2012

Polizei Ärmelabzeichen, German Police Uniform Patches

I received the second batch of vintage police patches that I purchased form a gentleman in Australia........ another amazing deal off of eBay, with free shipping!  I'm pretty sure the guy lost money on this transaction!

Here's the group shot of the new batch of patches..... some of them are doubles to patches that I already have, but there are a few new ones to add to the collection.

Here's a quick peak at the new patches....... keep scrolling down as there will be a photo album of each patch.  I won't go into a written description for each one, .... I think I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Baden-Württemberg Polizei:

Bavaria Polizei:

Niedersächsischen Polizei:

Nordhein-Westfalen Polizei:

Thüringer Polizei:

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