Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun Project, with Blackhawk Specops Knox Recoil Reducing Stock

My latest project is the conversion of a 12 gauge, Remington 870 shotgun into a full fledged tactical weapon.

I started off with a Remington 870 Tactical model shotgun that I picked up brand new, still in the box, never fired.  This particular model has an 18 inch barrel with a factory installed, 6 shot magazine tube (with one in the chamber, this gives a 7 shot capacity).  It came with a black polycarbonate long stock.

My first priority modification was to replace the factory supplied butt stock with an adjustable, Blackhawk, Knoxx Specops Recoil Reducing stock.  I picked up a new Blackhawk stock and installed it right away.  Blackhawk is on their second generation of the original Knoxx Recoil Reducing stock and it is loaded with upgrades and improvements that you won't find on the original.

The stock is adjustable with 7 different length settings, has a releasable sling swivel for use with a single point sling, a standard sling swivel stub on the butt, and an adapter plate for attaching a sling behind the receiver.  The butt pad has been upgraded with a thicker and more shock absorbing model.  The internal spring set up has been redesigned on these second generation models as well.  Overall, an amazing stock!  

The Blackhawk stock comes with an oversized, but "more ergonomic", fore stock, but I will not be using it.  I am sticking with the original Remington "cob" fore stock.  It is my personal opinion that this cob style stock grip is far superior in a combat situation......

I won't try to explain exactly how the stock works, but have instead posted a video from the company that does an amazing job of explaining the function and features........ so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Here is one more video from the folks over at Blackhawk.  This is the promotional video for the first generation stock, but it still applies to this newest edition.

I am also planning on running a single point bungee sling with this shotgun.  I have one on order that should be here soon.  I plan on attaching the sling to the quick release swivel on the stock so it will be easy-on, easy-off.  Here's the stock photo from the seller:

Here is a photo album of the shotgun up to today.  Stay tuned for additional postings on this project as I keep making modifications and adjustment........


Heavypsychmanblog said...

Happy hunting!

Vitaly Pedchenko said...

Awesome shotgun and very good stock. I had this stock on my Remington 870 for years. It reduces recoil and makes shooting comfortable. I would be happy to see you on my site about Remington 870