Wednesday, May 9, 2012

US Army Special Forces Boonie Hat, Hat, Jungle Type II, circa 2000

The other day while Sweet Pea and I made our usual cruise through the local Goodwill store, looking for treasures, I spotted a US Woodland Camo Boonie Hat!  These are the hats that the US Army Special Forces are currently wearing (the Green Berets) !!!!  As usual, it was discount priced, and in my size.  What a great score!

The hat has a contract date of 2000 and is in like new, to unissued, condition.  Even the leather keeper on the chin cord is new and perfect.  There are blackened metal "jungle vents" on each side and a band of webbing sewn around the crown for the attachment of foliage for field applied camouflage.

The US Army Special Forces are currently wearing BDU's that are in the old US Woodland Camo Pattern.  Here are a few photos that just popped up on the world news last week.  They were taken in Central African Republic where the US military is assisting African military forces in the search for the renegade warlord Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army.  You can see the Boonie Hat and the woodland camo BDU's worn by our US Special Forces soldiers in the photos.  It is interesting to note that the US Green Beret in the first photos has all of his unit insignia, rank insignia, and name tape removed for the press photos......

Here are a couple of more photos of the US Special Forces in Woodland Camo.  These are also current photos...... from Africa, with the last photo from India.

Here's a photo album showing the details of my US Special Forces Boonie Hat:


DW said...

How big is your showroom, WOW what a collection. See Ya Bud.

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