Friday, August 19, 2011

WW2 Wehrmacht Unteroffizer Schulterklappen, WW2 German Army Shoulder Boards

Today's post will be both a follow-up to my BGS Parka research and a posting of a new item.................

The Bundesgrenzschutz Parka that I showcased a few blog entries back, had a set of old shoulder boards installed when I purchased and received it.  When I saw the boards in the eBay photos of the parka, I suspected that they were probably reproduction WW2 Wehrmacht boards that had been installed to make it look like it was WW2 issue.  When I received the parka, I immediately noticed that the boards were original and most likely WW2 Wehrmacht!  The fabric, stitching, trim, braid and the feel-age of the fabric show that these "Schulterklappen", or shoulder boards are indeed WW2 Wehrmacht!  I posted the photos of these boards on the Wehrmacht-Awards Forum to get opinions from collectors with more experience than myself with these items.  All of the opinions came back agreeing that these boards are indeed WW2 Wehrmacht.

The rank indicated by the trim on these boards is for an "Unteroffizer", or Corporal in English, and the white edge piping, or "Waffenfarbe" indicates that they are from one of the following units that used boards with the white trim:

Motorized infantry (to 7/43)
Panzergrenadier-Rgt. Grossdeutschland

Fusilier regiments
Machine gun battalions
Mortar battalions
Infantry guns
Light Flak 

Specifically, these boards appear to be the early WW2 style, M/36 (Model 36,  1936) type.  Here is a great article that describes, in detail, the WW2 Wehrmacht Schulterklappen, or Shoulder Boards:   

The fact that the BGS Parka was such a fantastic deal in itself, is only made sweeter by the fact that I also picked up this set of original WW2 Wehrmacht shoulder boards as well!  I love it when I stumble into a treasure trove like this!

Here are the photos of these boards:

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