Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ralling Fulp. Austrian Crampons, 10th Mountain Division WW2

For today's posting, we'll take a closer look at the the pair of vintage crampons that I picked up last weekend.  

I have been unable to find any specific information on the company or maker, however I did find one photo of a set of crampons in the Oklahoma History Center that are constructed the in same way, and are marked F. Ralling Hammerwerk, Austria, 1975.  The pair shown at the History Center online display have the toe spikes, that mine do not, but are otherwise the same................  Over at the 10th Mountain Division Equipment Museum there is a pair of crampons that match my pair.  The pair shown was used by the US 10th Mountain Division in WW2.

My pair of crampons is marked "RALLING FULP   S,   MADE IN AUSTRIA".   They are also stamped with a 37, which I believe must be the size.

Based on the style of construction, patina, and the leather strapping, etc., and considering the evolution of Alpine climbing equipment, I would date my pair in the 1940's to 1970's time frame.  In any case, they are perfect for anyone wanting to do some alpine exploring while decked out in the classic alpine gear......... or maybe I'll display them with my 1942 US model 88B 10th Mountain Division Rucksack.

Here are a few more shots of these classic crampons.  The photos are of the crampons in "as-found" condition:

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