Friday, August 26, 2011

WW2 German Ration Bag Eagle Cut-Out and Flag Cut-Out

I have had both of these items banging around with all of my WW2 collectables for years............... I finally found out what one of them came from, so I figured I might as well post them up so everyone can take a look!  I will once again give my disclaimer:  I do not endorse, support, believe in, or condone any of the philosophies or actions of the Nazi Party.  These items are presented for their historic value and for educational purposes only!

Both of these items are vet-bring-backs.  In other words, souvenirs from US soldiers who served over in Europe during WW2.  I don't know the names of the soldiers, or any real details on either piece, but I'll show you what I do know............

The first item is the large woven piece of heavy fabric with the Nazi eagle on it.  While researching a few items over at the online collectors forum, Wehrmacht-Awards, I noticed several photographs of items that had the same eagle-on-fabric that I have, used as a back drop.  I contacted the owner and he told me that these were WW2 German Ration Bags.  Finally, an answer that had eluded me for many years!  The cut out that I have has an inked inscription in one corner:

Aug  15  1944
Jerry E  "Alexandor"  (The letters in the last name have been blocked over to disguise the original name)

Aug. 15, 1944 marked the landing day for the Allied invasion of Southern France.  The invasion is often called the "2nd D-Day" and was code named "Operation Anvil" and later "Operation Dragoon".  Here is a great link to the a history page that details this operation:  Operation Anvil, Southern France, Aug. 15, 1944

The bag that this was cut from would have been approximately 29 x 44 inches in size.  

Here are some photos of the ration bag cut-out:

The next item is a flag cut-out that was brought back by a veteran as well.  I do not have any idea what this was cut from, but I assume it was from a small flag of some sort.  It is two sided, with a white circle with swastika sewn on both sides.  One of the circles has been defaced with a ballpoint pen at some point.......

To finish out this posting, here are a few photos of German Ration Bags that are complete.  This should give you an idea about what the bag that my cut-out came from looked like.

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