Saturday, August 6, 2011

Swiss M/83 Alpenflage Leibermuster, Pants, Shirt, Hat, and Helmet Cover

For today's posting I'll be presenting my full set of M/83 Swiss Alpenflage camo's.  This last week I picked up two pairs of new, and unissued, M/83 pants....... one pair for me and one pair for Sweet Pea.  This finished up my M/83 Alpenflage set up.

I'll be showing off the pants and helmet cover in this posting.  Here's a link to one of my previous postings that show off the shirt and hat:   M/83 Swiss Alpenflage Shirt & Hat

The pants are designed to fit a range of sizes due to an elastic strip sewn in the rear of the waistband.  There are two D-rings sewn to each side of the waistband that are used to attach the shirt to.  The mystery of the two side straps on the shirt are now solved!  Here are some shots of the pants and the D-rings and how the D-rings are used to attach the shirt.

There is a loop of ribbon sewn to each of the pants cuffs.  I'm not sure how these loops are used, but they must secure to the combat boots somehow.  Another item to research!

Here are a couple of shots of the pants labels.  The first one is the size label in the waistband and the other is care and contract label inside the pants.  On the size label, the top number is the waist size and bottom number is the leg length.

Here's a few shots of the helmet cover for the M/72 steel helmet.  The covers attach with metal hooks to the helmet rim and the cover is tightened with a drawstring in the back.  I have 3 of these covers, but no helmet to with them......... yet!

Here's the full set up.  Hat, shirt and pants.

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Nunya Bidniz said...

Has anyone come up with a theory as to why the Swiss used sooo MUCH red in their alpenflage? I don't remember any great forested areas where they might have autumn leaf colors to blend in with, and yellow would be more general purpose [since there are yellow flowers on mountainsides in the spring, besides fall tree leaves to blend with?] Love my alpenflage shorts, wish I'd bought more when I had the chance. Stumbled on your blog post while searching to find out if any more were left in stock anywhere...