Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Czechoslovakian Army Bread Bag 1952

As promised, here is a little more detailed entry on the Czechoslovakian Army Bread bag that I picked up this last Saturday.

The bag is in new and unissued condition and is date stamped inside with the Czech crossed swords and "52" for the year 1952.  

The fabric feels like a very heavy linen or possibly a hemp fabric...........coarse and tough. 

This bag is very similar in style to the original WW2 German Bread Bags, and appears to be a "modernized" version of the same, with more pockets and attachment loops, buckles, straps, etc.  It has the typical OD Green painted metal hardware found on nearly all Czech military items.  

It is interesting to note that after WW2, Czechoslovakia re-issued WW2 German weapons and equipment and often remarked them with the Czech Crossed Swords stamps.  In the 1950's, they started producing their own versions of the old German equipment and weapons, like the Mauser 98k rifle and various military vehicles.  In fact, some of the Czech copies are close enough to the original German pieces, that it takes a closer inspection to distinguish them!

Here is an album of photos of this unique bit of Cold War history...........

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Yes, its on of the first models of bread bag vz.60 for motoriflemens nad other forces apart from paratroopers and recon.