Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bundesgrenzschutz Mehrzweckanzug, BGS BDU's

Today I'll be showcasing an original set of Bundesgrenzschutz Mehrzweckanzug, also known as BGS BDU's (battle dress uniform).  I received this from a friend in Berlin who served with the BGS back in the mid to late 1990's.

These field uniforms were used as a multi-purpose service uniform.......... for work, training and field operations.  The shirt and pants were designed to be buttoned together by means of two straps in the pants waist band and a corresponding "belt loop" on the shirt (The long vertical fabric strip sewn to the front of the shirt).  There are leg ties in the pants leg hems so that the pants can be bloused with boots.  In usual German fashion, all of the pockets have zippers and snaps.  The shoulder board buttons on this shirt are not correct and will be replaced when I can locate a proper set of old BGS buttons, but until then, they look pretty good!

Without further delay, let's take a look at this great set of Bundesgrenzschutz Mehrzweckanzug.
First the shirt:

Tailored darts on shirt back.
Shirt loops in front strip for securing the shirt to the pants straps.

And now here are the pants:

Pant leg tie for blousing the pants over boots.  In the "not-used" position.

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