Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Pea's "Day At The Office"

Sweet Pea's over working an afternoon shift at the Port Townsend Art Gallery this afternoon while I'm down here in the Undertown Coffee Shop doing the bloggin' thing.

Sweet Pea's a member of the Port Townsend Art Gallery here in Port Townsend now! She has been selling her art-jewelry there now, for the last couple of months or so, and it's really going over great! The Gallery is a cooperative of artists and each member works two half day shifts a month. This afternoon is Sweet Pea's "day at the office".............

Sooooooo, let's take a walk down Water Street and see how our favorite little squirrel is doing:

Here we are out in front.

Let's go on in and see what Sweet Pea's up to......... Hard at work :)

Here's her display case, full of WONDERFUL treasures!

Thanks for the visit Sweet Pea!
See you at quitting time!

Here's the web link to the Port Townsend Gallery. Hope to see ya' there!

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