Monday, December 6, 2010

Czechoslovakian D-Ring Belt-Loops

In my never ending quest for bits and pieces to use to outfit the BGS bike and the accompanying uniform, I found a source for original issue, Czechoslovakian, D-Ring Belt-Loops............... a bulk purchase in lots of 20 for a a price I couldn't pass up! I picked up one batch and now they're upstairs in the "staging area" ready for use. They were supposed to be "new & never issued", but turned out to be used in pretty good to good condition. No matter what, they were still a good find.

These loops were worn on the field belt and used to hang equipment from or when inverted, to attach the Y-strap suspenders to when ammo pouches were not worn. These are nearly identical to the WW2 and Post-WW2 German D-rings, except these are riveted instead of being sewn..


neil said...

Hi. Been looking for some of these for weeks; would you be interested in selling half a dozen?

Sharky said...

Please feel free to contact me by email at: If you are interested in receiving direct contact from me, please leave contact info in your comment posting or enable your user profile for public viewing.