Thursday, December 23, 2010

Danish M-23 Helmet

Well here's another post of one of my helmets............... from all of my research, I believe it is a Danish model 1923 helmet.

I purchased this helmet in Denmark, back in 1981 and have had it "banging around" ever since. So far I have not been able to determine what the i
nitials FDB or the Lion on the front signify. There is also a 5 on the left side, also a mystery. The liner is a light blue leather. The original paint is black. Based on the color and finish of the helmet, it appears top be a "civilian model" that was used by Danish Police, Fire, and Civil Defense. The blue leather liner is a complete mystery! I have only seen these helmets with natural leather liners...............

The person I purchased the helmet from told m
e that it had been used by the Danish Resistance during the German occupation of Denmark during WW2. This is just second hand info and I have not been able to verify this. I can say that these helmets were widely worn by the Resistance all through the war and there are MANY photos with danish soldiers wearing them.

Until I find out more, the helmet remains a bit of
a mystery...............


Per said...

your helmet is the danish M23 helmet. Its not the army version, but the much lighter version used by "civilbeskyttelsen (CB)" (Civil defence), houseguards and factoryguards. During WWII all big danish factorys had to have a "fabrikluftværn" (factory-air-defence), a group of people educated to help people get to shelter and to put out fires in the event of airraids/bombings. The helmet you have was used by a member of F.D.Bs (Forenede Danske Brugsforeninger) "fabrikluftværn". F.D.B (now called COOP) was a series of retail-shops and factories.

Sharky said...

The next posting after this one, tells the same story you commented on. Thanks! This helmet was a bit of a mystery and I kept hitting dead ends, that is until folks like you starting feeding me the answers. Thanks again and glad that you are enjoying the blog!