Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Reba Race Fork for the GT

I "inherited" a Rock Shox, Reba Race fork from N8 awhile back after it was slightly, but frustratingly, damaged during reassembly after a rebuild............... I tore into the fork and discovered that the small plastic end cap on the damper assembly had a very small bit of plastic broken off. This piece kept the end cap from twisting off of the assembly when the damper was screwed back into the fork uppers after being serviced. The cost of a new damper is about $80.00!!!!!!! Well, after a few days of thinking the problem through, I came up with a solution. I pinned the cap in place with two very small stainless steel pins made of 19 gauge wire. The fix worked perfectly! I pulled the old Manitou fork off of the GT and installed the new Reba Race in its place. A HUGE upgrade! I rigged up an old school, vintage, Suntour Power Shifter to run the remote damper and lock out control on the fork. Looks great and I'm sure works even better than the expensive lever that Rock Shox makes.

And now the photos of new set up:

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