Thursday, December 9, 2010

German Helmet Model 1940, Norwegian Re-Issue

Up for display today is one of my favorite items in my military collection..........

This helmet has quite a history. It started out service a
s a Model 1940 Stahlhelm issued to a German Soldier serving in Norway during WW2. After the war, Norway needed military equipment to outfit its new army and they adopted much of the equipment that was left behind by the Germans. The Norwegians adopted the German helmet as the "new" standard issue helmet after WW2, possibly around 1953. These helmets remained in service until they were replaced with a US styled "pot" helmet in 1959. A large stash of these old helmets were discovered in the 1970's and purchased by an importer. That is when I bought the helmet................................. When I bought the helmet, it was being sold as a "restored" WW2 helmet. The "restoration" consisted of a new coat of brushed on paint and reproduction Wehrmacht decals. I stripped the paint and decals back to the original Norwegian paint job.

This helmet consists of an original WW2 German Model 1940 shell with original liner. The Norwegians repainted the shells and applied the new army decals, treated the leather liners with a red-brown dye and preservative, added new chin straps an
d brass liner rivets, and leather liner "shoe string" tie.

This helmet is stamped "Q64" which indicates that the
shell was manufactured by the Quist company in Esslingen, Germany. The shell size is 64. The liner is a size 56 and is stamped as such. I have never taken out the liner to inspect the original stamp marks on the metal liner band.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a gallery of pictures
of the helmet :

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