Monday, December 6, 2010

Bundeswehr Flecktarn Shirts

While I was busy ordering my bulk batch of Czechoslovakian D-Rings, I also picked up a batch of five German, Bundeswehr, flecktarn camo shirts. Another outstanding deal! I already had one of these shirts that I have absolutely loved as my favorite Mountain Biking jacket. The great thing about this deal is that the five I bought cost less than the original one that I already had!

All of these shirts are dated in the early 1990's and several are in nearly unissued condition. The Bundeswehr started using flecktarn camo as their standard field uniform starting in 1990. These shirts have a front zipper and regular snap fasteners all around, and as usual, are some of the best mad
e military garments around (you gotta love those German standards!).

While checking out the shirts after they arrived, I went through all of the pockets to see if there were any treasures........... (you would be amazed at what I have found in old surplus uniform pockets through the years!). I found a 5 Pfennig German coin dated 1970! I'll drop the coin in one of the bags on the back of the BGS bicycle............. and the search goes on. By the way, these coins were in use until 2002, when the Euro was introduced.

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