Friday, April 15, 2011

Hemets of the ETO, A Historical & Technical Guide. US M1 Helmet Reference Book

I have a new book in the military reference section of my home library............ Helmets Of The ETO,  A Historical & Technical Guide.  One word describes this book:  FANTASTIC!  The book is both a technical guide to EVERY design variation of the M1 helmets used in WW2, and a virtual museum of actual helmets that were recovered from the battlefields and beaches of France.  The authors are both French and have been searching for and collecting battlefield helmets for years.  The helmets that are portrayed in this book range from the landing craft coxswains, to the paratroopers, to the engineers, and everything in between.  One of the most sobering sections of the book is the section on battle damaged helmets............... if you ever wanted to bring the war back down to a individual human level, then this section will do it.  Very sobering.

I had been eying the book for some time, but did not want to pay the full list price of $50.00.  I just happened to scan through the catalog from Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Company, and found the book listed for $16.95, with free shipping, no tax!  I ordered one ASAP and have been enjoying the book ever since it showed up.......

The book is 192 pages long, contains over 700 color photos, and provides outstanding graphic charts detailing the technical aspects of the various M1 helmet variations along with photos of each of the different component variations.  This hard cover book was written by Regis Giard and Frederic Blais.

Here are few quick snapshots of a few of the pages inside the book to give you a little teaser of what this book has to offer:

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