Thursday, April 28, 2011

Berlin Schutzpolizei Patch

Today's posting is about a great German Police shoulder patch that I picked up with a batch of BGS patches I picked up off of eBay awhile back.  The patch is a Berlin Schutzpolizei patch.  This would be from the pre-unification, West Berlin.

The patch is embroidered on a wool backing and appears to be unused or at the least in mint condition.  This style of shoulder patch was used by the Berlin Schutzpolizei from 1949 until sometime in 1976.  In 1976 they switched over to a more modern Polizei patch.  The patch was worn on the left upper arm.

The Schutzpolizei are basically the street level police of the city.  The cops who work the beat.........

As usual, here is an archive photo.............The Berlin Schutzpolizei make an arrest:

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