Monday, April 18, 2011

Bundesgrenzschutz Flight Wings & Sports Patch

I picked up a couple of more Bundesgrenzschutz patches off of eBay the other day and they arrived on Friday........  The first patch is a set of cloth flight wings and the second is a sports-athletic shirt patch.  Both patches came from an older estate and had hand typed labels identifying each one.  I would guess that this would probably place the date on these as "pre-computer", but that is just a guess and an assumption only...... 1980's on back?  You will notice the remnants of some glue on the back of these two patches that are left over from the "display" in the original estate they came from.

I'm not sure how rare a set of the cloth flight wings are, but I know that the BGS aviation wing was pretty small and I have only found two examples on all of my internet searches, and both sets of wings were sewn to flight suits (sold, or with a VERY high price tag!).  My set of wings are machine embroidered onto a backing of felt.

The second patch is a BEVO styled patch that would have been sewn to the sport "T-shirt" used for physical training.  

As an interesting side note, here are a mix of Bundesgrenzschutz patches that show a wide variation of BGS Green colors.  I guess there really was no one standard green color used through the years or even at any one given time.

 UPDATE:  I received an email from a BGS veteran over in Germany this afternoon and he was able to give me some great information about the flight wings...... I would highly recommend his web site, it is full of great BGS information and photos of his uniforms and equipment, etc.       Bundesgrenzschutz Website

Here is the email that I received..... Thanks Christian! 

"Your wings are wings for NCO´s  worn on something like class A uniform jackets, on my website you can see a flight crew jacket, on this jacket you can see the officers wings and the rank insignia of a Polizeimeister ( my rank, like a sergeant). The NCOs with flight crew wings were on board mechanics and  co pilots, to be a pilot in borderpolice they had to be officers from Kommissar ( 2nd Lt). The Bundesgrenzschutz used four different wings one version for flight suits (you can see on my flight suit on my website) your version for NCOs, the version my flight crew jacket for officers and a version like this one on my flight crew jacket but golden. After the changed the name in Bundespolizei and they changed the uniforms in blue all the flight crew wings  are golden / yellow on blue."

 I don't have any archive pictures to present on these patches right now, so here's a couple of old BGS helicopter photos instead............... sort of ties into the whole flight wing thing:

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