Tuesday, January 18, 2011

US Air Force Camo BDU Jackets

This last weekend Sweet Pea and I swung by the Port Townsend Goodwill for their Sunday .99 cent tag sale and I picked up a pair of US Air Force M81 Woodland camo BDU jackets........ one for Sweet Pea and one for myself :) The date code shows that they were made in 1999. They both have Airman 2nd Class shoulder patches on each sleeve and US Air Force name strips. The original soldier's name strips have been removed.

$2.00 for a couple of "like new" camo jackets made the trip worth it!
Here are a few pictures of the new jackets:

And here's a photo of an US Air Force Airman 1st Class riding a bicycle in a village in Ghana back in 2006 while they were there providing civil assistance to the villagers of Tampiong.

And here's a shot of two US Air Force Combat Controllers from the USAF 21st Special Tactics Squadron. Notice that they are both Airman 2nd Class and are wearing the same BDU jacket and stripes as the two I picked up!

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Brian said...

Those Airman BDU jackets you picked up have A1C patches on them (Airman 1st Class). I was in the Air Force Reserve for 6 years. I am from PT and I dropped off my uniforms there when I got out of the service in 2010. They are probably my old jackets. I took my name off and my squadron patches, but left the other patches on. That is the old U.S. Air Force uniform. None of the U.S. military wear that style uniform anymore. Enjoy them :)