Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swiss Bicycle Infantry / Schweizer Radfahr-Soldaten

I ran across this great video clip that ran on an old episode of Bicycling TV back in 1992. It is a segment on the famous Swiss Bicycle Infantry. It shows a group of Swiss infantry soldiers "out on patrol" and then "engaging the enemy". Great shots of the old M05 Condor bicycles in action with a closer look at the new M93 Condor mountain bike that has now replaced the old "push bikes".

The photo at the top of the page is a copy of an old post card showing the old M05 Condor bicycle in use by the infantry and the photo below is of the modern Swiss bicycle infantry riding the new M93 mountain bikes. Notice the how the lead bicyclist is carrying the Swiss flag....... there must be a custom mount for the flag pole to set in. Very interesting. This shot is from a military parade in Austria.

Here's another shot of the new Swiss M93 Condor. Continuing the tradition!

Here is the video. Enjoy the clip!

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