Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Foggy Day On The Bay with USCG Patrol Boat

I just had the chance to take a quick look out the window of my office here at work, and spotted a USCG Patrol boat at anchor out in the bay. We woke up this morning to some pretty wet fog, and as it lifted, we were graced with one of those wonderful gray and glassy mornings. I guess you could say this is one of those "classic" day on the bay moments!

The USCG patrol boat was a bit too far away to read the number or stern name (I don't have my binoculars here at work), but it is an 87 foot "Marine Protector" class patrol boat. We have one of these stationed here in Port Townsend, and we usually have several transient boats from Port Angeles in the area for escort duty to the submarines and ships from Indian Island across the bay.

Here's a shot of Port Townsend's patrol boat, the USCG Cutter Osprey, WPB87307.

USCG Archive Photo

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