Tuesday, January 4, 2011

French Buttons

Since I've been posting up a wide variety of items from my collection, with no particular theme other than they are all things I've collected through the years, I figured I ought to dig out a few more obscure items of interest. So, with that in mind, here is a small grouping of French Military Buttons:

Here is the "breakdown" on the differe
nt buttons........

While in Paris in 1981, I bought several small bags of old Fre
nch Military buttons from a vendor in the Paris Flea Market. They are all made out of two part, stamped metal, no makers marks and finished in a flat green paint and a flat blue-gray paint for the crossed cannons and bomb shells . I have no idea how old they are and have not found any examples to compare them to. I am guessing that they are pre-WW2 and possibly WW1 buttons, but I 'm not certain. The buttons with the crossed cannons appear to be artillery and the anchor buttons are most likely for the French Marines, and the bomb shells infantry.

These two brass buttons came off of a French Air Force u
niform jacket that Sweet Pea and I picked up in 1982 at a surplus store on the Northern California coast. The jacket has moved on, but two of the buttons remain.

These aluminum buttons date to the WW1 era. They have the unique "birdcage" type of back posts.

If anyone has more information on any of these buttons I would love to hear from you!

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