Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sussex Police Custodian Helmet

Here is another helmet from my collection........... an old English, Sussex Police Custodian Helmet.
I picked this helmet up from a company down in Chico, California about 15 years ago, while visiting family. It is an original issued helmet that had been removed from service. I'm not sure about the age.

Sweet Pea and I have been watching the BBC series, Foyles War, on DVD, and really enjoying it. We are on season two. The story is about a British police officer, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle of the Hastings police department. The story blends great detective stories with real stories of the English Home Front during WW2. I highly recommend the series! Since I like the "immersion experience" when I watch a movie or series, I figured it would be a good time to get out the old Sussex helmet and show it off a bit!

Here's a link to the BBC series "Foyle's War" web page:

The helmet is constructed of a very heavy, thermo-formed plastic shell covered with a sewn, two piece wool cloth. The badge and top rose are chromed metal attached with tabs. The chin strap is a woven cotton webbing with a snap type buckle. These helmets are officially known as "Home Office Pattern Helmets". Here's a bit of British police trivia........ British police officers are known as "Bobbies" or "Peelers", named after the founder of the original London Metropolitan Police back in 1829. His name was Sir Robert Peel, hence the nick names of "Bobbie" and "Peeler".

I'll let the photos of the helmet speak for themselves:

And as usual, here are some great historical pictures of these helmets in use by various British officers:

I even found a few photos of "Bobbies on Bikes" !!!

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