Saturday, June 6, 2015

Swedish Zeltbahn Tent Set-Up

Since I've been going through my zeltbahn collection to find just the right set to use for my bushcraft adventures, I figured I might as well start setting up the various styles.  One of my favorites to use as a tent, is the Swedish zeltbahns.  

Zeltbahns in use by the Swedish Army, 1970's

Here's a link to a couple of my previous blog write-ups on these zelts:



These zeltbahns make one of the nicest tent set ups, but they are HEAVY!  
It takes four of them to make a decent, useable tent.  The bulk and weight of four Swedish zeltbahns, with the associated poles and stakes, is just too much weight and bulk for one person to pack, so, I will use these as a "base camp" set up.  If you had four people, each packing one zelt, it would be a great set up.  It's just me and my one pack, so unfortunately, the Swedish zelts are off the "packable list".

As a comfortable and very cool, very functional, base camp tent, this zelt-tent set up is outstanding!  I used two sets of vintage WW2 Swiss tent poles and stake sets.  I used one set for the center pole and one set for the "tent flap pole".  I also used one of my custom guy lines with the spliced-in end loops.

Here's how it looks all set up, with views of a couple of different tent flap configurations.  By far my favorite configuration is to lift one flap as an awning, held up by the second pole and guy line...........  very roomy and spacious inside!

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