Sunday, June 14, 2015

1954 French Forces in Germany, Jerry Can, Forces Francaises en Allemagne FFA

Here is the newest addition to the "Cold War Collection".   A 1954 dated French fuel can, better known as the Jerry Can.

The can is marked "FFA", which stands for "Forces Francaises en Allemagne", or French Forces in Germany as it is written in English.  The FFA replaced the French Occupation Troops in Germany in 1949 and were known as the the FFA until 1993.  After the end of the Cold War, the FFA withdrew or disbanded their military forces in Germany.

Here is an excellent website that details these French Jerry Cans.  It's in French, so beware!

When I discovered this can at a local yard sale, I thought it might be an old Bundesgrenzschutz can.  I could see the original paint color under the OD Green paint that it was later repainted with.  The color appears to be the old BGS Green.  

Even though the can turned out to be French, it still fits in nicely with my Berlin and West German, Cold War Collection.  The French were stationed and operated in West Berlin and West Germany along with the Bundesgrenzschutz, the US Army and the British Forces.  A very Unique period in post-war history!

1949 at the Brandenburg Gate with German Polizei, US Army , British and French military police.
This can was manufactured in Germany by F & R Fischer, and is marked with a great manufacturer's imprint of "Fischer Original" with two fish.  This manufacturer also made Jerry Cans for the Wehrmacht during WW2 with manufacturer's code of ebn.  The manufacturer date of 7-1954, volume of 20 l,  and FFA, are imprinted on the other side of the can.

No that we have covered a bit of the history of this French-German can, let's take a look at a few more photos.


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I have two of these cans marked 1955