Thursday, June 18, 2015

Danish Hiking Club Song Book for Meetings 1937, Dansk Vandrelaug's Sangbog D.V.L.

Here is an interesting little book that I picked up yesterday.  

We headed out to run a few errands here in town, and decided to swing by our local thrift store to see what, if any, treasures we could find there.  I found this wonderful little song book that was published in 1937.  The best part was that it was only .99 cents.  I love it when that happens!  I will display this with my Scandinavian grouping of military and vintage camping gear.

This book is small, 8.5 cm, by 12.5 cm, by 2 cm, and is 473 pages in length.  That's a lot of pages in a tiny book!  The book was published in 1937 by the Dansk Vandrelaug,or D.V.L..  Know in English as "The Danish Hiking Club".

The D.V.L. was founded in May of 1930 with 20 original members.  By the end of 1930 it had grown to 100 members, by 1937 it was 38,000 members and then it grew even larger, to around 70,000 members in 1958!  Today there are over 8,000 members in 20 local chapters throughout Denmark.  It is plain to see that it was, and continues to be, a very popular club and association in Denmark!
DVL Web Page / History

This little song book was meant to be used by club members when they attended their local meetings.  You don't see that sort of thing these days.  They must have had a great time back in the "old days" of the D.V.L. !

Early photo of D.V.L. hikers from the 1930's (From D.V.L. main website)

I don't read Danish, so there is only a limited amount that I can say about the contents, so I will let the photos do the talking for me.  Enjoy!

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