Thursday, June 4, 2015

Swedish Mess Kit and Stove Snuffer Modification

I have recently rediscovered my old Swedish Mess Kit and Stove.  I have been setting up a new bushcraft pack with old military "camping gear", and the mess kit has found its place as a permanent addition.

I have been test firing the little Svea stove that is included in the in the kit, and I quickly discovered that for extended cooking missions, I needed some way to easily and efficiently snuff out the flame.... without burning my fingers or melting the O-ring in the screw-on cap.  I needed some sort of snuffer.

My solution to the problem was to make a modified metal cup that would serve as a portable flame snuffer.

Here's how I put it together:  I swung by our local Goodwill Store and picked up a stainless steel kitchen prep-cup that fit easily over the burner top.  I drilled a small hole in the bottom and then inverted the cup.  

I added an eyelet made of stainless steel wire, inserted it in the hole and bent over the "legs".  I added a short piece of chain and then made a hook out of some more stainless steel wire.

The new snuffer works perfectly!  The chain is just long enough to keep your fingers and hand clear of the flame and the hook lets you find the end of the chain easily.  

When the burner is cool, you can remove the snuffer and relight the stove for the next cooking mission, or screw on the burner cap without the danger of melting the O-ring in the cap!

As a nice side-note......... the snuffer is extremely lightweight and fits easily inside the messkit when everything is packed.  My little simmer ring nests inside the cup as well.  Very compact, light and extremely efficient!

A perfect solution!

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Inupiat1 said...

What I did was order a Tatonka brand stainless steel simmer ring for their alcohol burner. It snuffs when you close it and cover. The Tatonka burners have a large mouth like the Swedish military burners. You could have it instead of your simmer ring and separate snuffer.