Thursday, September 13, 2012

U.S.M.C. Coyote Tan Grenade Pouch MOLLE, repurposed for Shotshell Pouch on Chest Rig

When I ordered the 440 rounds of Mosin Nagant ammo, I also picked up a new, unissued, United States Marine Corps Fragmentation Grenade pouch for about $2.00.  I had the idea to use this pouch as a loose shell holder on my chest rig ( ).  The pouch arrived today and it fits perfectly!  The chest rig may finally be finished!

The pouch holds 11, 12 gauge shot shells perfectly.  I will use this pouch for extra loose ammo, or possibly for specialty shot shell rounds.  With the addition of this pouch, I will now be carrying 86 shot shells on the chest rig!  With the shotgun fully loaded, this will bring up my combat load out of ammo to just short of 100 rounds!

Here are a few photos of US Marines in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan........... with the shot gun and MOLLE rigs:

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