Monday, September 3, 2012

Military Vehicle Show at Fort Worden 2012

Yesterday Sweet pea and I made a quick trip out to Fort Worden to check out the tail end of the annual, September Military Vehicle Show........ Thanks for the reminder Dale!!!!!

The British Columbia group of vehicles had already headed home, but the trip was totally worth it......... I caught a ride up to the top of Artillery Hill in the side car of a 2012 Russian Ural Motorcycle!  The cycle was set up as a Russian scout bike and the owner / driver was all decked out in her vintage Russian uniform, complete with M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle.    She even had a little encampment set up with her shelter half, mess kit, helmet and a vintage bottle of genuine Russian vodka........

The "usual suspects" were there again this year...... vintage WW2 Harley Davidson, Jeeps, Big Trucks, ambulance...... and this year there was even a custom Humvee.  This rig was built on a Deuce and a Half frame, with a 400+ cubic inch motor and a widened body.  Not exactly a "vintage military vehicle", but pretty cool none-the-less!

Here are a few quick shots of the "scenery" up on Artillery Hill:

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