Tuesday, September 11, 2012

United States Coast Guard Police Patch, USCG Police

I picked up a new and very unique patch for the police collection today.  It is a shoulder patch for one of the United States Coast Guard Police Departments!

These patches are very hard to come by, and in fact, this is the first one that I have actually seen or had the opportunity to pick up.  The US Coast Guard has five police departments, and each of the departments is very small, something like 12 officers each.  The Police Departments are staffed by USCG Officers and Petty Officers who have undergone specialized police training.

The five departments are located at:

USCG Base Kodiak Alaska
USCG Training Center Cape May, New Jersey
USCG Training Center Petaluma, California
USCG Yard Baltimore, Maryland
US Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut

All of the departments basically use the same shoulder patch, with the exception of the USCG Academy.  The academy patch looks the same, but it has "Academy" in the lower area of the star text.
There also appears to be a few other variations of this patch, as you can see in the first USCG Police photo in the last album.

Here is the photo album of this new USCG patch:

Here are a few USCG Police photos to show the uniforms and vehicles:


Unknown said...

You missed the trend setting USCG Police Sector NY in the description. USCG SECNY Police department Headquarters is based in FT. Wadsworth in. Staten Island, NY. It was a SECNY USCG Police officer who designed the newer US Federal Government style patches and badges in which the Commandant actually authorized the new style patches and badges.

Sharky said...

Thanks for the update to the history of these unique patches! I'll be digging into that research angle :-)