Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pro-Tec Ace Helmet- Military Version, US Navy SEALS, US Navy EOD

The other day while checking the local Goodwill store over in Silverdale, WA., I spotted a very unique piece of US Special Ops equipment............ A military version of the Pro-Tec Ace Wake helmet!  These are the non-ballistic "bump" helmets that are worn by the US Navy SEALS, EOD and some Special Forces for tactical operations when lightweight head protection is needed, without the weight and bulk of a full ballistic helmet.  Silverdale is a great spot to look for US Navy treasures since it is right in the middle of some of the Puget Sound's numerous Navy installations.

The thing that sets this helmet apart from it's civilian siblings, is the fact that this model is produced without shell vents.  These vent-less Pro-Tec Ace helmets are a mil-spec produced helmet for military and special ops use, specifically the US Navy SEAL's and EOD.  The Pro-Tec helmets are used by most of the world's Special Forces troops as well.  For a great discussion about the use of Pro-Tec helmets, of all models, and tons of photos of them in use, check out this forum thread over at

The US Navy EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) teams also use these helmets and you can check out some great info and photos in another thread over at that talk about and shop these teams in action.  Keep browsing through the entries and you'll see some great examples of Pro-Tec's in use by the EOD guys:

With all of that said...... here are some of the particulars about my helmet.  When I originally picked it up, it was a stock, gloss black.  I gave it a ultra-flat green paint job to get it ready for my own tactical use.  The plastic shell is lined with a dense, closed cell foam (like a rubber type of neoprene) with a bonded "fuzzy" fabric.  The pads are attached with two sided hook Velcro that allows the pads to be moved and arranged in any way you  want.  I am currently using two types of Pro-Tec pads in my helmet.  The helmet also has detachable ear flaps that are made of heavy ballistic nylon and lined with padding.  On the rear of the helmet is a rubber retaining strap for keeping your goggle in place.  All-in-all, it is a fantastic, lightweight, tactical helmet...... perfect for water-ops, building entry, or confined area, not to mention general operations where you want to move fast and light without the weight and mobility problems of heavy body armor.  In fact here is a page that shows another example of my version of the Pro-Tec............second helmet down on the page, click on the picture to enlarge:

Here's the photo album of my new Pro-Tec helmet...... first off, here is how the helmet looks being worn with goggles and a pair of ballistic glasses:

And now on with some shots of the helmet in detail:

Here are some great shots of US Navy SEAL's using this same style of helmet in our current Middle Eastern wars.......

And here are some US Navy EOD shots:

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Wow I just bought this helemt in upstate NY at a good will and after 2 hours of looking are the only place I found any info on it. Nice article!