Thursday, June 7, 2012

US Navy Digital Camo Hat, Navy Work Uniform, NWU

In my search for the missing items for my US Navy digital camo uniform, or Navy Work Uniform (NWU), I had to start prowling eBay.  I located a new, never issued, NWU hat at a fantastic price.  The hat arrived today and it is already on the rack with the rest of the uniform.

These new US Navy hats mirror the USMC hats, only they are sewn from the very cool, US Navy digital camo fabric.  A very sharp looking hat, and VERY heavy duty and well made!  The hat fabric is double layered all the way around, including the top, and the front brim is stiffened with a very heavy piece of what I believe to be heavy plastic.  The hats are quite shallow and and are designed to ride higher on the head, so if you are used to a baseball cap that you can really pull down to your ears, this hat will take a little getting used to!  

The fabric has the USN emblem imbedded in the pattern, to show that it is "official issue".  With this hat, the emblem can be seen on the side, just under the vent grommets...... very cool!

Aside from this new blue digital camo being just plain cool, I think it would make a pretty good urban, tactical camo for our corner of the world here in the rainy and gray Pacific Northwest.  It seems like it would blend in much better that the current "SWAT" black tactical uniforms that we see so often with Police Tactical Units.  I'll have to do a little observational experiments of my own to see if that may be the case.

For those of you who may have missed my first blog posting on the Navy Working Uniform, and the pants and shirts I picked up, here is a link to the entry: 

Here is a two part video that was produced and published by the US Navy to inform and educate the sailors of the fleets on how to properly wear this new Working Uniform.  I hope you find it as enjoyable and useful as I did:



Here is the photo album on this new addition to my modern Navy Working Uniform...........

And to finish things up, here are a few of photos of some USN sailors wearing their new NWU's :


alicia said...

How the he'll do I find this hat?! Please.. dad wants this 4 his bday & I've been searching for months

Christian Olsen said...

I got mine at good will. sexy...

Luz Diaz said...

with this headset...
headset Camo Editio, WOW