Friday, July 15, 2011

WW1 U.S. Engineer Corps. Marching Compass, Cruchons & Emons, Berne, Switzerland

Today's posting is a beautiful little compass that I picked up at a yard sale several years ago.  

 The compass is a U.S. Engineer Corps. marching compass that dates to WW1.  It is of exceptionally high quality and is quite heavy for its size.  The compass was manufactured for the U.S.Government by the firm of Cruchons & Emons, of Berne, Switzerland.  

The compass body is machined from a solid block of brass with a jeweled card pivot.  The face of the card, and interior of the lid, are painted with original radium paint.  This type of compass is the first reliable compass that the U.S. Government put into service.  Previous types of  compasses, made in the USA, were quite unreliable.

The lid features a very unique piece that is attached to the lid edge, that moves the locking knob to secure the compass card each time the lid is closed.  The lid also features a brass mirror that is meant to be highly polished so that the bearing on the card can be read while sighting through the V-notch. 

Here is the photo spread on this wonderful gem of a compass:

Here are some WW1 vintage photographs of various U.S. Engineer Corps. soldiers in Europe during The Great War.


Les Duplan said...

Thanks for your post. I have the same Compass # 50072.
Am at an age I need to let go of things if anyone is interested in this one.

Unknown said...

Have the same Compass # 50072
At an age need to let go of things.

khh72 said...

hej jeg har også sådan en gammel sag no.27290 vis nogen har interesse hilsen khh72

khh72 said...

hilsen khh72

Robyn A Bishop said...

My husband has this same compass, handed down from his Great Great Grandfather. Would love to know how to find out more about it, any ideas where to start?

Zezar De Leon said...

i have one of this item, any idea how much it'll coast if i would sell it? thank you..

Sharky said...

As to value....... it is a "buyer's market". What I mean by that is that it is worth exactly as much as someone is willing to pay :-)
eBay is the best place to determine current market value. Start prowling eBay and watching what they sell for.

newly Awakened said...

Hi Les,
Do you still have the compass? I am interested in buying it if so. My Grandfather had one #63878

Paul Berube said...

I have this compass also, #41899 and would be willing to sell it. Also curious what a general value might be. Thanks

Randy Mainer said...

# 51804