Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Schweizer Armee, Swiss Army Movie-Video 1976, M/70 Alpenflage Leibermuster

For your viewing pleasure,  today I have a fantastic film that was produced back in 1976 by the "Schweizer Armee", or Swiss Army.  It shows a dramatic, but fictional, invasion by Eastern Block forces.  The best part about the film is that it shows the old style Alpenflage field camo in use (the old M/57 and its variations, up through M/57/70).  One thing that I found particularly interesting is the occasional use of the old WW2 Sumpfmuster camo on many of the helmet covers!  You may have to look close to pick out the various uniform details, but it I have not found a better visual source for "real" information on Swiss field uniforms and equipment form the Cold War era.

The film basically is a showcase of all of the Swiss military weapons that were in use at the time.  Great shots of all types of Swiss infantry  machine guns, mortars, bazookas, rockets, tanks, firing away at the "enemy".

Here is the film in its entirety........... filmed in 1976, about 26 minutes long.

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