Monday, October 11, 2010

New Starcraft Boat

I'm Back!

We had a great vacation in Maui, but now it's back to the "real world"..............

This last week Sweet Pea and I started to seriously talk about retiring our little dingy-pram that we now use for the Bernadine's tender, and ind a smaller aluminum "lake-style" motor boat with a small motor. (after a week in the San Juan Islands last year with the pugs, believe me, a pram is NOT all that great).

I did a quick afternoon check on Craigslist-Seattle last week and spotted a 12 foot Starcraft boat with motor, oars, 3 gallon OMC fuel tank and removable transom wheels, and anchor.......... for a GREAT price! It had just been listed and we were the first fish to bite!
A quick call and the arrangements were made. I hit the bank, then straight to the Edmonds - Kinsgston ferry, a 5 minute drive on the other side, bought the boat, back on the ferry and home in time for dinner!

The boat has solid mahogany bench seats and dates to the 1960's. The motor is a 1969, Johnson 4hp. 2 cylinder outboard, the oars are solid clear spruce.......... I need to replace the motor mount wood on the transom, but that's it!

We bought the boat from the original owner's daughter. Her father, the original owner, is 94 years old and still lives in Sequim!

Here are the rest of the listing photos: (more photos when I get the time!)

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