Wednesday, October 13, 2010

French Cutlass model 1801

A number of weeks ago, I located a source for some fantastic cutlass replicas............not a display model, or cheap import, but the real McCoy. How could I resist? I snapped one up in a minute!

Here is the info on this replica:

This particular cutlass was produced by the French government in the 1980's as a naval commemorative blade that could be given to various dignitaries and officials. The cutlass duplicates the original model 1801 French Navy Cutlass in EVERY detail with the exception of the very small military inspector's stamps. The blade is very heavy and nicely engraved with a French naval anchor on both sides of the blade and an inscription on the top edge of the blade indicating it was manufactured at the Klingenthal Armory, just like the originals. This is definitely a museum quality cutlass.

This is the first cutlass produced with the full metal hand protecting grip (the sheet metal "bucket"). The Dutch copied this cutlass for their own Navy and the United States Navy patterned their cutlass after this French model as well.

I will make a leather covered wood scabbard to finish it off and it will hang above the clock in the pilot house of the Bernadine! Now if I can only track down a cannon................

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