Friday, September 10, 2010

Sharky, "The Desert Rat"

I hauled the new Panzer jacket and M-43 hat with me out into the Black Rock Desert and Black Rock City on our annual desert adventure last week to give them a proper break in. I didn't get a chance to wear them until the end of the week, but when I did, the Playa responded with a raging white-out dust storm! Just what I needed to give the new hat a proper dusting!

The initial evaluations indicate that both items look great and add to one's "desert rattiness" while on Playa Patrol! They even look pretty darn good with a set of vintage "steam punk" goggles as well!

I removed the original cockade before hitting the alkali dust and will leave the hat in it's current "weathered" condition to give it that authentic campaign patina........

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