Friday, September 10, 2010

Coleman Lantern model 220 E

Since I have been posting pictures of my recently acquired Coleman camping gear, I thought I might as well post a few pictures of the lantern that I already had.

I picked this lantern up quite a number of years ago at a yard sale and then it got stuck in the attic where it's been waiting to be reunited with a few of its other camping buddies.

The lantern is in nearly new condition and all that it need is a new set of mantels and fuel to get it going...........

Coleman Lantern model 220 E
Made in 1965

Here is a shot of the full set:

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Unknown said...

If they won't pump up, the cap seals are often the problem and can be replaced. Also make sure the pumps are oiled. The diaphragm (pump cup) in all of those Coleman units is likely leather, and they can become dry. Cap seal replacement instructions here:

Good luck!